Plane Train

Address: ATL Airport
Phone: (404) 209-2920
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Category: Airport Tram
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  • Andrew Stewart

    See how long you can "look Ma no hands"
  • Shawn Jorgensen

    For crying out loud, let the people OFF the train before you try and get on! Its the least you can do!
  • Heather Hawk

    Give up benches so people with disabilities can sit
  • Greg Wathen

    First stop is NOT for rental cars
  • Kandis Grant

    Dont stop at the first train door...always go to the end...its less crowded
  • Tanner Tuttle

    Walk the full underground; it is a mile.
  • Nicole Buergers

    As Ludacris would say, "Get out the way!" Step aside to let people off the train, jeez!
  • Joey Barbagallo

    Part plane, part train. Fully insane!
  • Blair

    Stand on one foot and see how long you can last
  • Gregg Holman

    If you want to marvel at the esclator , please step to the side
  • Mel

    It is never ok to make out on the Plane Train.
  • Kevin C

    No need to run for the train. Wait another 30-45 seconds and another one will come.
  • Jonathan Mayfield

    If you're really lucky and the train goes out of service, you'll sometimes hear the old ROBOT VOICE from the 80's.
  • Shina Rae

    When someone says I need to get off the train here, it's common courtesy and train etiquette to get out of the way
  • KC Sanders

    Please hold on. And don't try to squeeze in at the last second. Trains come every few seconds.
  • Alan Mandic

    Hold on. To your bags too.
  • Jasmine

    Riding the plane train is kind of like surfing... Without the water. :)
  • Melissa

    Get on the car the furthest from the downstairs to be closest to the upstairs of the Gate you are going to too.
  • Stephanie Trawick

    do not fight with parents with babies they just know no better
  • James O'Keefe

    Don't stop the second you get on the train. Be courteous and let others on behind you as well.
  • Sir DBlock

    Be prepared to walk cause alot of people are traveling
  • Mark Zurales

    Please hold on!
  • Preferred Traveler

    Wear something comfy especially in casual Fridays! Everyone is always albeit too overdressed.
  • Knocky Nu ?

    I usually board the first car (in direction of travel) and stand looking out ahead. Well....I think it's cool! Lol
  • Ted Winn

    Hold on - train moves quickly
  • George

    Weee train!
  • Shina Rae

    If someone says I need to get off the train here, move, duh!
  • Jay D'Angelo

    Look at the monitors before getting on the train to make sure you have the right side and are going in the right direction.
  • Charles Thomas

    Let people exit the train before getting on
  • Greg Gaba

    Please hold on the train is leaving.
  • Marques Robinson

    Please hold on whole on the train. I've seen what happens when you don't. Not pretty.
  • Zeanobia Talley

    Read and listen
  • Shawn Jorgensen

    Seriously people... Let pele off the train before you try and get on!
  • La Fer @lenubienne

    Welcome aboard the #ATL #SkyTrain. Please hold on. Doors closing. Please stand clear of the doors.
  • Taylor Mueller

    Survival of the fittest. Ladies do not expect chivalry here on the plane train. Def use it though this airport is huge!
  • Elizabeth Everitt

    People watching at its best. Guaranteed falls.
  • Clay M

    Walk instead of riding and get some exercise while you're here. You also can enjoy the art gallery.
  • Dave Bainum

    Train is broiling. Wear shorts if possible.
  • The Master

    Turn on the damn ac
  • Greg Cole

    The last train closes at 12:45am. If you miss it you will be walking!
  • William Budd

    Hang on, it moves fast.
  • Amorous G

    Airport bound
  • Kelly Reeves ??

    Best named thing in the world.
  • Brian Harrison

    Hold on tight!
  • Charles Leiserson, Jr.

    Note the phonetics they use to audibly label the concourses. One of these things is not like the others.
  • Jordan G

    C'Mon 'N Ride It Come On Ride The Train, Say Choo Choo ride it!!
  • Howie Cohen

    Rhyme time!
  • David Wilson

    Check out the new electronic signage on the trains!
  • Brad

    Always board the furthest front train when you're leaving the airport! First off to baggage claim!
  • Kendall Peabody

    Make sure to stay on all the way to baggage claim and not to get off too soon.
  • Brandi Starr

    Dear Atlanta Airport, if the trains aren't running early in the morning close the doors so there aren't 20 of us sitting there.
  • Julie Collins

    Zoom, zoom ...
  • Adam Bever

    John R. is blind apparently... Entire train is above ground.
  • James Santsaver

    Be mindful, monitors on tram stations are run by city and may not be up-to-date with real-time airline schedules.
  • ButtersweetBakery

    Take the Tram to Delta Baggage Claims. Find the dy's ice cream shop in the food atrium and try some of the delicious desserts.
  • Jamison Ng

    Welcome aboard the Plane Train!
  • Emmanuel Cash

    Watch the doors. They have no mercy.
  • John H

    While on the train, sing a song for your fellow passengers and hold a tin cup. Make a little extra cash while ride!
  • Ricardo Torres

    Honestly just run on the moving sidewalk makes you feel like you are flying and you get to the next concourse faster than the plane train
  • Chad Murray

    On the ends of each train car is a really nice bench. It's a great place to sit especially if you have the cross multiple concourses.
  • Andrew Wiseman

    Plane Train mane!
  • Paul Hayden

    Please wear deodorant if your from Europe , nobody in America wants to know that your a avid fan of cheese

    Train is quick! T for tango is the baggage claim! Hold on tight!!
  • Mike Collins

    Congratulations, you made it through security -- 50% of you in Atlanta, and 50% of you somewhere else!
  • Mike Collins

    Don't confuse terminal T with the main terminal. The alphabet here is goofy: T, A, B, C...
  • Chad Murray

    Nice seating area at the end of each car. Get on the train fast to get a spot!
  • Daniel Dougherty

    When boarding its polite to move to the back. Please don't stand blocking the door.
  • Harold Keyserling

    There are no bathrooms or drink service on this train
  • Joi Pearson

    Try walking instead of taking the train ?
  • Scott Lootens

    Enjoy the ride.
  • Assurance Advertising

    Make sure to hold on. This is the fastest, funnest plane train in the country!
  • William

    Train might break down so be prepared to walk
  • Richard Ney

    Hold on tight!!
  • JoVonna Carter

    What's with the noisy electric trash cans. Weird
  • Peachy Airport Parking

    When travelling out of Atlanta make sure to check out Our outdoor lot is FREE until 3/31/12 and our indoor lot is a simple $6/day (50% off normal) until 3/31/12!!!
  • Erich F

    No driver!!!
  • Jay D'Angelo

    If you are just going one concourse, the moving sidewalks are normally faster.
  • Amol K

    "D for David" because "D for Delta" would be too damn confusing.
  • Stephen Judd

    A good idea...
  • Mike Collins

    Walk between concourses instead. It's good for you!
  • Bonnie Welch

    No matter where you land the olane train will get you to your terminal quickly!
  • Betsy Taylor-Cardwell

    Be sure to hold on... this isnt the subway and train stops abruptly.
  • Scott Stanfield

    On return stay on until train stops for main terminal. Don't get off at T.
  • Stephen Harlan

    Move to the center of the vehicle and away from the doors.
  • mtnbke

    Be ready! The train starts quickly and will knock you over if you aren't holding onto something.
  • Tim Gravitt

    I miss the old voice....please move to the center of the vehicle and away from the doors, de do da, caution the doors do not reopen or spring back.
  • Marco Vicente

    Atlanta puede ser un modelo como aeropuerto, pero es demasiado grande, Me sigue gustando ms el de Santander
  • Emmanuel Cash

    Hold on it's a bumpy ride
  • Chelle Mccarley

    Hold on!!!
  • Ron Allen

    Get in and stand right in the entryway so those behind you can't get on. My people can be thoughtless.
  • LAdyBug?? Chic

    June 1, 2013: Train system down, slowest I seen the train plane go.
  • Emmanuel Cash

    Doors close quick watch your ass.
  • Casey Pilgrim

    Plane train? I'm waiting for the Train Plane myself. Much more fun.
  • James Phillips

    1st stop is not for rentals. Don't get off at GICC
  • Lauren DeJoseph

    Seriously, they're not kidding when they say to hold on...weeble wobbles!
  • Patrick Fogleman

    If only MARTA ran as efficient as this train.
  • Mike Collins

    Don't confuse terminal T with the main terminal.
  • Andrew Raker

    It's January. You don't need to have the a/c on full blast.
  • Matt Trevathan

    If you are in a clutch between adjacent gates, running down tje moving sidewalk is your best bet.
  • Natalie Lilley

    Deltas economy comfort upgrade is worth the extra $20.
  • Prasad Chavali

    Watch for people trying to get on in a rush... They won't let you get off first...
  • Will Williams

    Hold on to pole and straps
  • HoMin

    This is very convenient, especially if you are at a gateway hotel
  • Chad Mark

    For all those bad tips below. This is the train to rental car, Marriott Gateway, Springhill Suites, GICC, Scheduling Institute, and Staples (not store). Marta and terminal trains are different.
  • Nadia

    Let people out first, then come in.
  • P Allen Brown

    Arrived 3 minutes before departure and still got on.
  • Mojo-Nicole Morgan

    It always gets super crowed at A gates so find a good spot.
  • Seung Min Yu

    First stop is for hotel. Not rental cars. Also, warning sound is same as iPhone message warning sound. Do not confuse.
  • Natasha Carter

    You better hold on!
  • Daniel Allen

    Stand in the middle
  • Daniel Csvany

    Out of service today
  • Andrea Baker

    Arrives every 120 seconds
  • Casey M

    always good to be home
  • Sanam W.

    Quick transport :)
  • Eric Goelitz

    This plane is the bomb ! Free drinks and DTF women!
  • Donald Dahl

    Delta gate in D
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