Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

Address: 6000 N Terminal Pkwy
Phone: (404) 209-2920
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 1638748


  • Tamela Coval

    Fly Delta. Forget the other guys.
  • Atlanta

    We officially welcome you to Atlanta! Visit the link and find our 50 Fun Things to Do in Atlanta!
  • Glen Ferguson

    Walk from Terminal T to A to see and hear an exhibit of African art. Walk from A - D to see NASA photos. Walk to Baggage Claim to make the wait for your bag seem shorter.
  • Rob Bettis

    Babies on a Plane - worse than Snakes on a Plane.
  • Greg Shoemake

    FLY DELTA!!! ;-)
  • Courtney Maki

    Take the train, its faster than running on the ppl mover.
  • @tessa Horehled

    Arrive at least 1 1/2 hours before your flight to guarantee you'll make it through security in time!
  • Chris S.

    Don't get in the expert traveller lane unless you are, in fact, an expert at travelling.
  • Oakland Cemetery

    In 2003, Atlanta City Council honored former Mayor Jackson by renaming the airport Hartsfield-Jackson. Jackson's work was instrumental in adding the 5th runway making Atlanta the busiest in the world.
  • About Foursquare

    On February 11, 2013, ATL became the first venue on Foursquare to top one million check-ins. It passed SFO, which was the first to 100,000 check-ins in September 2010.
  • SweetWater Brewery

    if you have some time swing by the SweetWater Draft House on the B concourse for some tasty local brews - the Catch and Release seasonal handle is an extra special treat
  • American Express

    Are you an Amex Platinum Cardmember flying Delta? Get complimentary access to Delta Sky Club lounges throughout the airport for some R&R!
  • Andrew K. S

    (1) Take the train to your terminal if you're in a rush/want; (2) Laugh at the newbies that don't read signs and think they have to walk/run all the way.
  • Emily Price

    Check the boards to make sure they haven't moved your flight...to another terminal
  • James Hsiao

    Use MARTA to get where you need to go, and avoid dealing with traffic.
  • Lady Antebellum

    If you're in the E terminal and need a drink or snack, try the Piano Bar and enjoy the peaceful piano music that almost makes you forget you are at the airport.
  • Social Espionage, LLC

    While the airport lounges might be nice. If you need to kill time before a flight -hang in concourse E great shopping & good place to check out the attractive foreigners traveling through.
  • Leah Sinsheimer

    Get picked up underneath South Baggage to avoid airport traffic
  • SkyMall

    Want some food that's good for the soul at Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport? Try Paschal's located at the main food court and a few of the concourses. Don't forget the cornbread muffins!
  • Lufthansa

    Enjoy Atlanta and visit the most exciting places the capital city of Georgia has to offer! The Lufthansa travel report will guide you.
  • Eater

    Top Dining Options: One Flew South in Concourse E; The Original El Taco in Concourse F; Paschal's Southern Cuisine and Chick-fil-A in Concourse A; SweetWater Draft House & Grill in Concourse B.
  • Arby's

    Hungry? Check-in at Arby's located in Concourse E. Enjoy an Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich & Curly Fries before you take flight!
  • ˜ ˜

    travel with someone that has Delta Sky Club access
  • Jarrod Jordan

    When going up the escalator to baggage claim, check out the picture of the young African-American girl with open arms! It's a great symbol for Atlanta.
  • Vicky Vette

    Busy and overcrowded!!! ... as always...
  • Leslie Davidson

    Pretty sweet...this airport has trashcans that sort your trash and recyclables for you!
  • William Bates

    Pick up Delta's iPhone App here http://j.mp/cRSH4S
  • Taryn Pisaneschi

    Get here at least 1.5 hrs before flight. Security line can easily snarl up Plus you have to take a train to most terminals. take a carry-on & print pass at home to skip long check ins.
  • Clifford Henson

    Put everything that you can in your backpack, purse, or bag before you get to security so you shoes and/or laptop is the only thing you have to run through the scanner!
  • K G

    Use the security gates at the end of the terminals instead of the center security. Most people don't know about them and you will get through in half the time.
  • Travel + Leisure

    SweetWater Draft House & Grill, in Concourse B, is the spot for the finest local and domestic brews.
  • Harry van Beuningen

    Do not take the train to Terminal A. Walk instead. There is a great exhibition of Zimbabwean Art underground. Best free deal in town. When I say great, I mean GREAT!!!!!
  • Rick Davies

    Travel on any day except Monday and Friday and things go much more smoothly.
  • Atlanta on the Cheap

    Walk from concourse T to A (or get off at A & walk the rest of the way out of the airport) to see a gorgeous Zimbabwe sculpture exhibition.
  • Courtenay Bird

    Chick-fil-a is at Gate A11. 'Nuff said.
  • William Bates

    Free wifi on every concourse!
  • Austin Hegarty

    Avoid connecting here at all costs.
  • Perry Ellis

    Business or Leisure Travel? Perry Ellis has you covered with stylish suits & dress shirts that travel well. Sport our comfortable, casual looks when you unwind. Work or play, travel with Perry Ellis!
  • Brad Johnson

    Fly Airtran Airways all Boeing fleet :)
  • Patrick

    if you have time walk to your terminal instead of taking the train and the people mover. Great way to get some exercise in before your flight.
  • Courtenay Bird

    The best food, lounges, and people-watching is in Concourse E aka "the international terminal."
  • @tessa Horehled

    None of the restaurants in the concourses are open late night but you go outside security, you can find a few options!
  • Doc Hendley

    Airports are one of the few public places where people don't look at you funny for drinking beer in the morning.
  • Joel Esler

    If you are riding the train to a or b get in thr front of the train, c or d, towards the back. That way you don't have to wait in line for the escalator to go upstairs.
  • Keisha McCotry

    Hey Atlanta!
  • John Kreicbergs

    This airport is like Satan's version of a mall...one you can't ever leave.
  • Evan L

    Walk faster
  • Jasmin

    Wear dark sunglasses and act like a diva and people will think you're a celeb. Helps when you don't have the time to stand in lines.
  • Jared Degnan

    There are two terminals...Delta and NOT Delta...plan accordingly.
  • Precious Moore

    Fly Airtran!! Best domestic airline out of ATL!!!!
  • DC After Five

    Huge airport but plenty of drinking options!
  • Enoch EL-Shamesh

    When preparing to Fly into ATLanta or anywhere..try and carry a bookbag.less stuff the better :)
  • SkyMall

    Celebrate Black History month by visiting Terminal E. They have a great display of Martin Luther King's personal possesions.
  • Matt @Kickball365

    the hidden seats behind the Atlanta bread company are great! (Concourse C)
  • Marchello Atlanta

    Tip your Sky cap guy
  • Eric W

    Don't leave your phone charger in your checked luggage.
  • Damian Denson

    Paschal's Soul Food restaurant in the main food court and in a few of the concourses is pretty good, albeit much different (expensive) than the original location in the Atlanta University Center
  • @mrdejones

    Welcome to Atlanta. Make sure to tour downtown Atlanta attractions such as World of Coca~Cola and The Georgia Aquarium.
  • William Bates

    Best health food at Hartsfield-Jackson is on Concourse E, Natures Table
  • Kevin Lilly

    Get here early...
  • Anna Creech

    Go to Terminal E for free wifi. The food court area has places for laptops to plug in.
  • Doug Pollock

    Do airtran!
  • Fadia Kader

    Fadia was here.
  • Roger Penguino

    Concourse E is the newest and has a great food court right up the escalators.
  • Saud ????

    ?? ????????? ?????? ???? .. Good Airport ??
  • TM Hayes

    Auntie Anne's by gate A12...pretzel sticks!!! just like salty, carby crack!!!
  • Spencer Bryan

    Popeye's chicken biscuit - life changing
  • Dondi De Ocampo

    Hartsfield finally has those full body scanners for international flights. These make security checks much faster.
  • Bob Mathews

    Concourse D -- Starbucks at gate D-8.
  • Dwayne Kilbourne

    Big and busy airport ~ make sure to give yourself enough time to get through security and/or when going between terminals for transfer flights!
  • Sterling Raphael

    If you are connecting thru here, try to have at least 45 min layover if you want your bags when you get to your destination
  • Jerel Chaney

    Make sure u get here early because of lines
  • Jon Moss

    Drive carefully
  • jamie flinchbaugh

    Here's a tip: avoid ATL
  • W. Chris

    One Flew South in the E (international) terminal is great. If you have an hour and a half layover or longer check it out.
  • John

    walk between gates a and t. love the Zimbabwe sculpture exhibit.
  • Tiara Walker

    Fly Delta. Gogo Inflight Wifi is the best. :-)
  • Chris Lesinski

    Layover? Take the tram to terminal E: live piano music, decent food, bars, wifi, power outlets.
  • Rocku Pizza

    Make sure your seatback and traytable are upright and in the stowed position!!
  • Caitlyn Homer

    T concourse has better seats to lay down and sleep across and a lot less people to battle them for. Good food too :) ....definitely a good option for a 5 hour delay
  • 4sqDay

    Busiest airport in the USA! Be sure to get there early and be patient with the TSA!
  • Jonathan Karron

    Concourse A has the best food options
  • Jenn Jordan

    Concourse E has free wifi. Concourse C has the worlds busiest Popeye's.. Fantastic people watching all over
  • Stephanie Anderson

    Amazing MLK artifacts displayed in Concourse E, including the suit he wore to meet President Johnson and a VIP pass from the March on Washington.
  • Vicki Davis

    For to Xpress Spa in A or C. They have massage chairs and do great manicures. Get your coffee and head in to veg if you are stuck in Atlanta. I like the mani-pur. Enjoy, friends. :-)
  • Galyna ?

    Welcome to ATL - world's busiest airport!
  • Brian Hah

    Save time by checking in online and printing boarding pass.
  • Andrew Fidget Miner

    Dirty south is where its at!!
  • Jonathan C

    Chik-Fil-A is in the A concourse. Delicious.
  • Tami Nelson

    if you go to moe's to eat everyone who works there says "welcome to moe's" and that makes for fun when you are waiting for planes.
  • Gahlord Dewald

    Travel safe! Say hi the Brad Nix for me.
  • Julius Ford

    Hartsfield Airport is undergoing construction. Pay close attention to directional signs and potential departure gate changes.
  • Q Davis

    Arrive at least two hours early!
  • William Bates

    Morning travelers! Have a good flight this morning ;)
  • Mike Pena

    Use the park and ride...it is so easy. Just don't lose your ticket
  • Scoutmob

    Y'all come back now: Atlanta gets over 16.5 million visitors each year.
  • Eric Vermeiren

    Ignance is bliss
  • Todd Miller

    #1 busiest airport in the US.
  • Video_Bean

    Go down the longer security doors on right to find your shorter wait through security!
  • abellisimavita

    Fly Delta!!! The best of them all!
  • Barrett Tryon

    DELTA stands for "Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport," so pack your patience and vodka.
  • Taryn Markoe

    Biggest and most ridiculous airport ever...
  • Emily Theno

    super busy airport...get there early!
  • Peter LaMotte

    If you have the time head to One Flew South in concourse E. Amazing food as good as any top non-airport resturaunt.
  • @TiwaWorks :: Follow me

    Check in EARLY!!!!
  • Michael Collins

    Security line was surprising radiation and groping free. Fastest I've ever made it to the gate at ATL.
  • J Elli

    No free wifi.
  • Chris Parizo

    If you are checking bags on Delta, go to the Check-In Terminals in South, after you get your boarding passes go to the far right hand side to check bags. People only gather in the center lines.
  • Roger Penguino

    Check out the "Buyer Beware!" exhibit on backside of Concourse E, featuring all sorts of airport confiscated objects such as entire animals, tusks, jewels & dangerous materials...
  • jonathan brewer

    Find brew. Get him a sweet water
  • Miguel

    Lee Francis plays the best guitar in concourse C, usually Thursday nights but you can catch him if your lucky on Monday
  • Tina Hiller

    Free wifi Concourse E Food Court
  • DJ Latin Prince ? ?

    Check out the food court great selection!
  • James Hsiao

    Warning: Even if you're flying internationally, any duty-free liquids over 3oz. must still be in your checked baggage, because you'll be walking through the domestic terminals between customs and the
  • Akvile

    Biggest and busiest airport of all time. Not even lying.
  • Mike Salviski

    Welcome to Atlanta! If you are just flying through, you will probably have time to grab a SweetWater 420.
  • alissa small

    if you have a connecting flight, make sure you have enough time to make it. this airport is huge and crowded!
  • Yuri Victor

  • Corey Winfrey

    If you have a couple of hours between flights it's worth it to hang out in the new Terminal F. It's much nicer than the rest and the service level is too. Best Delta Sky Club at the airport
  • Benjamin Ben

    On June 1, 1956 an Eastern flight to Montreal, Canada was the first international flight out of Atlanta.
  • Chris Cota

    Fly delta it rocks!
  • William Bates

    Check out our international concourse (food court) Panda Express or Natures Table. Yum!
  • William Bates

    Walk instead of taking the tram to enjoy the beautiful art exhibits we have near T-Gates
  • Sol Malka

    AVOID the far-right security line. It may look like the shortest but it's hidden and actually the longest. Opt for a line you can see.
  • Chris Baccus

    Checkout the Jimmy Carter Center hallway in Concourse T
  • Travis Davis

    Air Tran is the BIZNESS
  • Ryan Fleisher

    Always solid people watching all over. If you're flying Delta, you're most likely going to be late.
  • Q Davis

    Also if someone is picking u up tell them to be there at least 30 min after u arrive. Luggage takes forever and they can't sit and wait on u bc security will hand them a parking ticket even if they r
  • Michael Gass

    Delta flight delayed. Delta employee absolutely no help with info plus a bad attitude.
  • Michael Schultz

    Try not to carry any bombs or shotguns around in here. Security will pay slightly more attention to you if you do.
  • Chris Beierschmitt

    Smokers: No need to go back through security. Go to the Heineken grill in concourse A. Thank me later :)
  • drew bowers

    Walk on the left, stand on the right. Stop stop in walkways, step off to the side. Tip the skycap.
  • William Bates

    Free wifi spot at D11 :)
  • Timothy Nunes

    Dunkin Donuts on Concourse A. Check your gate often, they change all the time.
  • Ellis Z

    North Terminal security is always fastest (when it's open)
  • Steve Linke

    Getting easier to move around the airport with the new train to rental cars.
  • Pete Holtermann

    Just landed in ATL and remembered that it's Sunday, and thus Chik-Fil-A is closed. Gutted.
  • Susan

    No free wi-fi. Fails.
  • Galyna ?

    There should be a law in place: People with no charging devices are not allowed to dine near electrical sockets.
  • Kurt Uhlir

    Send a text to your loved one telling them that you miss already them and can't wait to come home.
  • PictureMane

    Travel with someone that has Delta Sky Club access! Thank me later!
  • Missy Robinson

    Fly AirTran!!!!
  • Allure

    Always be 2hrs early!
  • Chad Glidewell

    Use the train system to get from concourse to concourse... Much faster than walking
  • Todd Miller

    Busiest Airport in the World.
  • Kevin Smith

    Great place to go if you're looking to get on a plane and fly somewhere.
  • Edward Cooper

    Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play.
  • Bill Fowler

    I love this airport for the convenience factor - it contains everything I disdain about humanity under one huge roof.
  • Eric Hinman

    You'll be talking slower in no time #southerndrawl
  • Grayson Burger

    Running to the terminal to make it on time SUCKS!
  • Queena Kou

    Don't travel to a place that recently got blizzard in. Otherwise, you'll be like me waiting on standby FOREVER!
  • Phil

    Don't eat the spinach dip at chili's... It's greasy and disgusting
  • Jeff Coons

    Check out the new Recharge station at gate T2, 6 110v plugs and 2 powered USB outlets. Tres Cool!
  • Michelle Berryman

    If you have time,walk from the terminal to A Concourse & check out the sculptures!
  • Peter Fasano

    Main security gate 1 - lane 1 flys on Tuesday mornings. Faster than South Security Gate.
  • Laura Howe

    Watch out for summer t-storms. They cause delays nealry every afternoon. Book am flights and use it as an excuse to eat breakfast at Pascals!
  • William Bates

    Signed up for @boingo a few weeks back and so far its doing the job. Also WorldMate is a good investment for you "jet-setters"
  • Sarah Simmer

    This airport isn't nearly as bad as what people have said. I was told it is extremely confusing...definitely not.
  • Philip Torson

    Fly Atlantic Southeast Airlines! Best customer service I've ever had along with ontime flights, can't go wrong there!
  • Clifford Henson

    iPads don't have to come out of your bag for security checks! SWEET!!!
  • Nathan C

    Remodeled in 2009? They should bulldoze the whole damn thing and start over, or completely shift operations to Minneapolis. This airport is an epic fail....
  • mrg Jr

    Park in North parking. South is assigned to Delta and is more crowded.
  • Cassie Craven

    They never check zones. Just jump ahead.
  • Steven Norfleet

    If u have time, go to all the terminals, its fun and there is so much to do.
  • Dave Coustan

    use purell after gross cab ride
  • Carol Morgan

    Park in economy to save $2 a day, get a space far away, decide it isn't raining that hard, don't take your umbrella, put on winter coat, get soaked on way to covered walk !!
  • Denrael

    marche cafe in B is a great hidden gem for food
  • Hans WorldTravels

    People gripe this airport is too big, yet it's about the easiest to get around for its size.
  • Nicolás S. D.

    Loved this airport! Everyone is nice and the airport is very efficient. I use to hate american airports, but know I think I only hate MIA!!
  • Molly Oehmichen

    Nothing is worse than that little half-jog through the airport. If you're cutting it close, book it like you mean it!
  • Pamela Androff

    Leave yourself some extra time on Monday mornings to get through security.
  • Alex Sandars

    Wheels up!
  • John H

    Careful! Doors are closing and will not reopen. Please wait for the next train!
  • Gina Schreck

    Take the train and don't be fooled by signs making it seem like baggage is just around the corner!
  • Adam Keen

    Fly to Wilmington, NC and enjoy UNCW, Wrightsville Beach and downtown ILM.
  • Mike Bolt

    I got the NASA Explorer badge here!!!
  • NiCk

    Eat some panda express chinese food for breakfast in concourse E.
  • Jose Chinchilla

    Checkout the Police T3s. A hybrid between a segway and a trike.
  • B. Simi

    Best tip I have is listen to Tessa's tips. Locals rule!
  • Josh Linder

    Get a boarding pass on your phone (Delta/American)
  • Julie

    Head over to the A-Bar (by gate A27) for a drink and some light bites! If I'm there, say hi, and I might buy you a beer! @ABarAtlAirport
  • Urban Organic

    If you are here for the soul festivities over the weekend, follow either uolifer or jodinescorner on twitter
  • Tamela Coval

    Great airport-friendly Southern greetings. Easy in and out.
  • Rochelle Frasier

    Yummy breakfast at paschals!
  • eric

    chickfila is not on the directory map but its there next to the cinnabon on terminal A by gate A11 ??
  • Derek Lewis

    Please be mindful of your carry on size. I know it sucks to pay for checking bags but some people are being ridiculous. If it only fits in the overhead sideways, it's too big!
  • Sid Boswell

    Buckle your sear belt.
  • Lee Berg

    Picking people up here is a nightmare. Just park instead
  • Debi Lander

    Asked Great Wraps for an egg wrap without the wrap--to be gluten free. Delicious!!
  • Carla O

    Make sure you have your running shoes on cuz i swear the drop you off clear across the other side on purpose. Hall ass off plane, jump on train, hall ass to other gate! Maybe make flight maybe not?!
  • Lynn Hamilton-Rutherford

    Free forks at several fast food places!
  • Steven Ladin

    Not the airport for slow walkers.
  • William Bates

    Use lower level drop off. Less congestion.
  • tyler thomas

    The bars are a wonderful place to pick up lonely commuters.
  • Bryan Kujawski

    If possible, fly sat or tues, the least hectic travel days, shortest waits, etc.
  • Bill Condon

    Don't let TSA touch your "bathing suit" area
  • Andre'

    If you're connecting here be ready to hurry up and catch the train or else you might miss your next flight out.
  • Jessica Spencer

    Don't go here if possible lol
  • Scott Duffey

    American has their own terminal called the T Gates, its the fastest in and out at ATL, American itself is terrible but hey, its convenient.
  • Brandy Biedenharn

    Fly airtran! Its cheaper!!!
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