Lenox Square

Address: 3393 Peachtree Rd NE
Phone: (404) 233-6767
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  • Oakland Cemetery

    Lenox was the 1st major shopping mall in GA and opened in 1959. Rich's was one of the original anchor stores and was founded by Morris and Emanuel Rich (both Oakland Cemetery residents).
  • Brisk

    "Yall just dont get it, a crib with no tenets,walk through closets like Im walking outta Lenox" - Diamond (Ludacris) "My Chick Bad (Remix)"
  • Atlanta

    Lenox Square has nearly 250 specialty stores - shops like Anthropologie, BCBG, Bobby Jones, Burberry, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, Cartier, David Yurman, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Kiehl's.
  • Perry Ellis

    Lenox Square is the Southeast's premier shopping destination, offering a variety of choices since its opening in 1959. Enjoy some shopping, fine or casual dining at one of the many quick bite eateries
  • Chilli

    Shop a lot n save money. Nuff said.
  • juan conner

    Go to the Apple Store, SHHHHHHHHHHH! Don't tell anyone, but they will let u surf the net on their computers 4 FREE!
  • Kenrick ??????

    Sure does stank around the body shop
  • Devonta

    If you read this message! Buy Me A Shirt! I wear a Medium. Thanks!!!
  • ??De'rick??

    Aint nun like Good Ole Lenox Mall!!! #DamnIGottaComeHomeASAP!!!!
  • George Huang

    Park by the lot under Bloomingdales for fast entry and always find a spot.
  • Kim

    Shop and see a famous person or two!
  • @iShedJ #Instagram

    #the experience is much better during weekdays #early afternoon #otherwise the mall is a tourist attraction #non shoppers #Neimans is the only retailer in the #square
  • Grey West

    Sarku Japan....
  • Atlanta

    Duck under the 170-foot tent and ride the Pink Pig, an Atlanta tradition for over 50 years.
  • Erik Benjamin

    Park on level 2 by macy's, it make getting in and out much faster
  • Kenrick ??????

    Look @ all the dudes walking around with their pants down showin their boo~ooties!! Last I checked girls ain't watching booty but other dudes do
  • John Kinsey

    Having the best time in the Apple store...Love my mac..the Gym time
  • Bruce McCaleb

    Eye Candy Galore
  • iamBrandon

    every homo shops at Lenox! LOL some just go to look and possibly find a hook-up/date.....
  • Suspect

    Welcome to Club Lenox...we accept hoodrats, chickenheads, fairies, major queens, groupies, and foreigners...we don't judge...however...the jokes will come later..somehow fake VIP's still get in..
  • Satori

    Don't forget your credit card!!
  • Andrew Wise

    There aren't that many gay guys here. Shop at Perimeter instead.
  • Jermo H

    Great shops, but most importantly, great atmosphere :)
  • Nicky Digital

    Do som shopping while you're here!
  • C C

    The Pink Pig starts today!!!! Go now! Ride the Atlanta tradition!!!
  • Melissa Sylvester

    People watching/Star stalking...I met Chaka Zulu at Sunglass Hut!
  • Tye DaKhidd

    Get here early in the morning to avoid a big crowd
  • Sean from Cali

    I see more people shopping for what the stores and kiosks are not selling.
  • Dwayne Kilbourne

    Glad the mall has WiFi, but it does not work well when on the move from store to store; hopefully, they will fix this issue ASAP as mobile phone signal issues persist throughout!
  • Angad Chera

    Park at the very top deck near Macys. You can get in and out of the mall easily.
  • Victoria I

    Visit twist for dinner then the movie at the theater
  • Molly Dana

    I always park upstairs by bloomies, very low maintenance.
  • Adam Lorenz

    This place is for rich people
  • jus LEO

    You give. You get. at California Pizza Kitchen:
  • @TiwaWorks :: Follow me

    Tmobile store open late!
  • Sharlee Floren

    Best place for lunch is Corner Bakery!
  • Daniel Hiott

    They have a Lacoste and a Apple store in the mall. Lenox is definitely the best mall in Atlanta. Also, fireworks every New Year's Eve!
  • Hiren Patel

    Brookstone is the best place to get a massage... Just saying
  • Scottie Knollin

    Check out Urban Outfitters! Best store in the mall!
  • Yves Neidlinger

    Hi there. Hangin at Lenox Mall
  • Mortimer Liebman

    Great shopping
  • Nicholas Curry

    Its a great place to chill & pick up some cool gear.
  • AtlantaGa Nightlife

    Atlanta`s most popular shopping mall!!!
  • erica johnson

    Mall is good but not great. I've seen better :/
  • Dwayne Kilbourne

    Great Mall! Great Store Selections! I've had best luck parking at the end of Macy's!
  • Erin Loden-Schaffner

    Best mall I've EVER been to! High-end designers all over the place!! Took us all day to get through! Cannot wait to go back!
  • A D A M

    It's like MILF.com up in this bitch...
  • Shea Jones

    Looking for new uggs and no one has the ones I want
  • Crackdog Esparza

    Wow! People even get arrested and sent to the Pookie! That's Badass!
  • Danielle Warfield

    Best mall in atl for designer duds
  • @Omar_Gosh weartmc.com

    The mall directory has a chick fil a coupon in it. Save a little $ while you're here!
  • Melissa Brown

    This mall is perfect for everyone. You can find what you need. Comfortable environment and friendly workers. Make sure to check in to see sales!
  • Stanley Moras

    It's nice but why, I guess to see before you go online. :p
  • Heather Cocco

    Get ready for some serious people watching.
  • Stephanie Bempah

    The best place to get a one of a kind outfit for any occasion !!
  • 4sqDay

    Lots of upscale shopping, so bring your wallets and purses!!
  • William Santiago

    Cool elevators
  • @MUSICisforLIFE

    Nothing better than Lenox Mall on a Saturday afternoon. It should be a weekly ritual.
  • Reserve123.com

    Parking in the Bloomingdales or Macy's deck is always quickest and easiest.
  • Atavia White

    Unlike phipps plaza an average person can shop here.
  • LP Fraga

    If you're going with girlfriend, avoid Forever 21. Hell for us guys.
  • Cole Shirley

    Cool place to spend a Saturday afternoon
  • George Ogorek

    Just had dinner at lenox square grille and it was great.
  • Dia AvalonPhilly

    AvalonPhilly.com We Here
  • Grayson Thagard

    The holiday decorations are really simple and pretty this year (2011)
  • Marlon Bradley

    The go-to hangout and shopping mall for the pretentious people in Atlanta. Not the place to go if you don't like crowds or posers...
  • Jorge De La Nuez

    Parking is always available on the lower level by Bloomingdale's...
  • Iesha Pope

    Shop Betsey Johnson upstairs across from Hollister. Great non traditional looks! Giving the middle finger to your trends! Pow!
  • Crackdog Esparza

    Careful for cool guys lighting up ciggys then leavin em to burn and causing smoke in the mall level
  • Chad Mark

    Check out Chads all the stores. If you can't find something in this mall you haven't looked hard.
  • Jeremy Reid

    Bout to Hit Lenox. I need a couple par of shoes and this is the best place to be!
  • Sheptorious

    Wear sweatpants and the kiosk salesmen won't bother you!
  • John Piccirillo

  • Curtis Parker

    Hurry in now to ride the Pink Pig with no waiting.
  • Rob Moffitt

    check out Sunglass Hut. They have the best styles in right now!
  • Tray Gotti

    Get there before the fish do
  • Sherry Baldwin

    Saved 20% with a coupon found on this app: iphones: http://bit.ly/1vp2WTF, android: http://bit.ly/1mexCY8
  • Ray Grunch

  • Jaime Eduardo Gmez

    Corner Bakery best lunch!
  • DjRumf

    Yei ! Chick-fil-A its reopen now
  • B98.5

    This is the starting point of the annual Peachtree Road Race. It's also one of the largest 10-kilometer races in the world.
  • Jeremy Spann

    From nashville and wen iWent to atlanta had to go to da mall and wen i did iFail N love wit dis mall
  • Krishona Cross

    With Champs...Atletic Foot...Footlocker..Finish Line...and a newly updated Basketball Nike store it's a sneakerhead's DREAM...my fiance dragged me through EVERY store...sigh. wear comfortable shoes...
  • Jessica Vazquez

    Whoa!!! So much chocolate!!!
  • Greg Ponder

    20% OFF ALL CONDITIONERS!!: Try the Monoi Conditioner! It stops 96% of shedding and breakage!
  • Cordao de ouro atlanta Centro cultural volta por cima

    Nice place to shopping And play capoeira .....
  • Jc Thrash

    Don't come without any money ?????
  • Sophia M

    Avoid the Starbucks in Macy's. Service is slow as molasses!
  • Ria Mierez

    Hmmm .......really nice mall.
  • Grady Mcgill

    Best mall in atlanta
  • DjRumf

    Upfront parking free Monday trough Thursday till 10pm
  • Rose Jarmon

    The shopping Mecca!
  • Gary Paul Cox

    Shop until you drop, then get back up and shop some more!
  • Kelli McClure

    This used to be a great mall. Now its gone ghetto. :(
  • Charles Swint

    Why go to the club just stop by A&F
  • Allison Sexton

    Avoid this place during the weekend.
  • Monica Thorpe

    come by trollbeads!! memories worth a lifetime
  • Adam Silber

    bloomingdales is best of the department stores.as for the mall is over run by non shopppers
  • Movies On Paper Studio Productions

    This is my favorite book signing location.
  • Brooke Puglise

    Use the restroom at Neimans upstairs by the formal gowns. Don't risk your health at any of the other ones.
  • Enrique Burgos

    Great mall! Almost every shop you must see!
  • Victoria Davila

    Lots of top name stores you won't find in an average mall!
  • MARTAGuide.com

    Across the street from the Lenox MARTA station on the gold line (Doraville) and one of the top five things to do in the area!
  • Miguel Pizani

    Muuuuy caro este mall
  • Roderick Griner

    This cast of characters...
  • Shenekia Parks

    Nice mall if you like being herded like cattle; too crowded.
  • Calvin B

  • Awkari Wiggins Networker/Fashion/Promo

    Do things the way you think they should be done. Open the door to opportunity and financial succeed tinyurl.comfunlifenow
  • Vito Alencar

    Beautiful mall!
  • Sienna Turner

    Good range of stores but quite expensive sometimes. Definitely one of the best malls in the area by far, and would say that should definitely check it out if in the area.
  • Frances Pickens

    Valet Parking is 7 bucks
  • Lan Nguyen

    got mine. four square perks!
  • Seasons 52

    Upscale mall with tons of stores - be prepared to walk a lot. Right across the street from the train stop if you prefer not to drive.
  • Rick James

    A mad house during any peak hours you could ever imagine. Less expensive than Phipps, also a bit more of a selection.
  • Mire Soto

    One of the best malls in GA
  • Chase Lackey

  • Reginald Green

    Stop by the Coach Store. Absolutely amazing!
  • Tim Reedy

    Douche Central!
  • Jackie

    The people watching alone is worth the trip, when you have the wherewithal to hold back your *sighs*
  • Coriya Burns

    Spend at least $100 and get a free reusable tote bag
  • Daniel Dougherty

    Be sure to check in at the greyhound laying down.
  • Graham Clinard

    The mall where a Bentley a Ferrari an El Camino and a Toyota all sit together and you would never be able to guess who drives what.
  • Kari MD

    Imagine the closet of your dreams - if money were no object you could fill that closet here. Every luxury brand under one roof + Macy's, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale's. Bring your self-control.
  • Kenneth Ware Jr.

    One of my favorite places to shop in the world.
  • Dj Chester

    Been here a few times and I definitely like the store options. If you have some time on your hands then stop by the Microsoft Store and check it out. Lots of cool tablets and things to play with!
  • Fontis Water

    Hands down some of the best shopping in the South! Grab a bottle of Fontis Water and let the fun begin!
  • Brent Hill

    This place is one ole hot ghetto gay mess.
  • Carolina Nocua

    Godiva's chocolate it's the best!!
  • Pamela Androff

    The layout here is a little confusing; download the PointInside app for iPhones so that you know where you're going.
  • Pocahantas Johnson

    I love this place. Its FreaknAwesome
  • Yolanda Mcclarin

    Its a lot people today hold your pocketbook tightly
  • Grant Willsie

    The Amex $10 deal this weekend involves a $2.95 processing fee...so you only get $7
  • Jd Sanchez

    If you're going to Lenox to visit the Apple Store, go early. Especially if you need to hit the Genius Bar.
  • Sintae

    I was just here on the fourth of July....nice firework show
  • Michele Kellerhals

    mac store is coool
  • Ben Tinsley

    Forgot a tie? Need a Cartier watch or Prado bag? This is the place to go. Take Marta to Lenox and you are there. If you need even more class, check out Phipps Plaza across the street.
  • Elizabeth Nace

    The mall is great, but the traffic is horrible. I can't justify the hour it takes to turn into the parking lot.
  • Kaye Ellis

    Try the apple store....great customer service!!!
  • Lady Terror

    Apple Store. Macy's and Carols Daughter is the reasons i go.
  • Lanisha Renee

    Faconnable is a pretty nice(expensive) store. Lol NAHHHHH
  • Robley Ray

    Crate and Barrel is moving to the Shops Around Lenox, store opens on Thursday March 29th 2012.
  • milton tell

  • Sharecare

    Most mall snacks are loaded with excess calories. Try these healthful snacks to fuel your power shopping.
  • Jalyn DeCausey

    Glow in the dark nail polish at forever 21 for all you ravers out there!
  • Shahla Harira

  • La'Teshia B

    How bout them J's
  • Nick Sylvester

    One of the best malls in the Atlanta area
  • Montez

    Christmas craziness!! Stay away!! =)
  • Ms Mai Tai

    T-Mobile is having a Super Sale 12/17-12/18! See a sales associate for details!
  • Matt Rogers

    Send your personal shopper during holiday madness. Ppl are crazy
  • Felix Toscano

    T-Mobile giving 30% accessories when you check in.....#onabudget
  • Robert Boyanovsky

    Stay upwind of the fireworks. The debris can be bad.
  • DJROCKSTARR Fletcher

    I will be there on Monday hopefully I will get to see some celebritys...
  • Britton Edwards

    Great place to shop, eat and people watch! Valet service available.
  • Suja Ramachandran

    park upstairs (top level of the parking deck), near bloomingdales - even at peak time, there are spots available in this corner
  • Anita Maynie

    Big mall and great shopping... Loved it!
  • Jorge De La Nuez

    Drinks at the Lenox Grill are ALWAYS $1.95!!
  • Adrian Duarte

    Crocs Rocks!
  • lisa b!

    nicest cleanest bathroom in nieman Marcus near the restaurant and spa. easy covered parking on this side too
  • Heather Simien

    do Not, and I Repeat: do NOT PARK across the Street in "Shops Around Lenox". It's Private Parking, which we didN'T Know, & it was $75 to have the Boot Removed!! Active CAMERAS (across from ~Neiman's)
  • Christina Johnson

    Try Hovan in the Food Greek...amazing Mediterranean fare. So yummy - and then been there since I was a kid!!
  • Dave B

    Naked women here...
  • Sanam W.

    Huge mall and fun shopping :)
  • Lindsey Merritt

    Fireworks still on? Scheduled for 9:40. We shall see.
  • Anita Torres McMahon

    Apple Store
  • Haki Turner

    Make Sure You Hit Up "Standard"....& MetroPark"...
  • Pinnacle Promotions

    Check out the annual Simon Fashion Now event in the springtime for runway shows, fresh fashion tips, and lots of great giveaways!
  • Pinnacle Promotions

    Check out Simon Fashion Now in the spring for runway shows, spring fashion tips, and great giveaways!
  • Ashley Ceo Hill

    The Best mall to shop with variety in Atlanta one stop shop!!!
  • Adriana Ramirez

    One of the best shops is TOUS a really unique Spanish designer. Their stuff is really exclusive so if you get something there you know no one else will have it.
  • Spencer Stevenson

    Try going to the Apple store and jailbreaking the iphones and ipads. Good times.
  • Kyle L

    Free gift wrapping with a donation during the holidays
  • Heather

    christmas chaos @ Lenox..be prepared to sit in traffic
  • Alexis A

    Always be yourself!
  • Renato Pope

    o melhor shopping de Atlanta!
  • Jared Groce

    Pumpkin Spice frappaccino at Starbucks is off the chain
  • Jason Walker

    Been there several times, not impressed
  • Thomas

    Check out the GNU
  • Tamara Carter

    The Spot 2 shop really
  • Jamie I

    Great variety of places to shop at but Wish this mall had an H&M then I'd never have reason to go to another.
  • Paul Samaha

    download the shopkick
  • Paul Samaha

    download the shopki
  • Paul Samaha

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